24 June 2010

Lady Gaga Blowup Doll

Let's not pretend to be surprised. She has single-handedly brought latex into the mainstream and she sings about wanting "a ride on your disco stick." She made the job easy for Pipedream Products, the company marketing a Lady Gaga sex doll with zero effort necessary from their ad department.

They are calling the doll Lady Gag Gag and using lines directly from all of her hit singles to market it. Even her ambiguous sexuality is worked in through her description as a "drag queen".

This is undeniably another step in the wild pop-culture ride that is Lady Gaga. For those who have wondered how she would top herself next, here's a response.  The site selling them predicts: "This is going to be one of those boxes people are going to collect and display proudly for friends to come over and talk about." Although the doll is an addition to their line up of celebrity blow-ups [which includes versions of Beyonce, Lindsey Lohan, and Christina Aguilera], this might become a reflection of the transformative power of Gaga. She brings the absurd out from the fringes and shadows, and shoves it right in the face of mainstream consumers. Her magic is that instead of turning away, we eat it right up.

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