03 December 2010

tattoo inspiration

Something about this design/pattern really strikes me. It meets my main rule, which is monochromatic black silhouette or outline style. I like that the precision of the lines alludes to something digital or somehow technological. I wonder how precise you can be with a tattoo gun? Well, anyway, there's another view below. The final decision is certainly still very far off.

I also like that it's really whimsical somehow and also sort of elegantly dark, as opposed to in your face gothy cheezin'. There's something sinister about it that reminds me of intestines, HVAC pipes, and some kind of evil robot tapeworm.

By the by, I plan on trying to post more often on this thing. I've got a couple of exciting projects in mind and all sorts of new directions I want to go.

This is similar, almost as a reversal that retains key elements; the very precise, regular lines at varied spacings, and the play on negative space.

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