25 January 2011

chunky goodness

I mentioned a couple posts ago my recent daydreaming about chunky shoes; the kind you can walk around in and feel like you've got a readily available weapon and/or carpentry tool constantly at hand, balance issues be damned.

The search took me in all sorts of directions, finally coming to what I thought was an end when I found a shoe shop called Tokyo Bopper. They carry the exact shoes of my dreams, incorporating all the details I've had my fancy set on into gorgeously chunktastic creations like this:

They've got everything; the lolita rocking-horse soles, the vague allusion to creepers, and straps no less. TOO BAD THEY'RE ONLY SOLD IN A PARTICULAR STORE IN TOKYO [or at least, at that time they were; international shipping has since been made available. for the sake of my tale of disappointment, though, let's kindly ignore that option].

So there I was; knowing my dream shoes existed but with no way of getting at them, hopelessly perusing dusty corners of the interwebs, all the while knowing that having now seen these, no other shoe could seem as chunky or as tastic. Luckily, good old Ebay was ready to come to the rescue. It was mostly the $15 starting bid that got me to consider these Dr. Marten's oxfords:

The rounded toes and platform heels made me fall immediately in love with them when I opened the box, expecting to be underwhelmed. That, in addition to the detailing and Charlie-Chaplin-formal vibe they've got, has me wearing them way more often than my feet appreciate.

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